Drunk Driving/ DUI / DWI / OVI -  Many names for the most frequently committed criminal offense in the United States.  Our lead trainer, Dean Morgan, has spent his entire adult life in the criminal justice system.  As a police officer, DUI prosecutor, and DUI Defense Attorney, Dean arrested, prosecuted, and defended thousands of people charged with DUI.  As a DUI Trainer and Consultant, he trains and assists prosecutors, defense attorneys, and civil litigators.

Dean is available to:
  • speak to media and provide insight in high-profile cases;
  • speak to companies, organizations, and conferences.
  • provide expertise to investigative reporters
  • provide insight to entertainment and publishing professionals

Dean's area of expertise is Standardized Field Sobriety Testing(SFST) used for alcohol and drug impairment cases.  In addition, Dean provides information regarding Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) procedures used to test for drug-related impairment.  Dean can also provide legal insight as well as information about blood and breath testing.

Please email Dean Morgan for more information.