Complete and accurate police reports are the cornerstone of a successful prosecution.  For a DUI case, the report can mean the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. 

Your report will be read by prosecutors, defense attorneys, the courts, and others.  In many cases, you will have to rely on your report weeks, months, and maybe years after the incident.   

We offer a variety of courses for varying experience levels to ensure your report is complete, gramatically correct, and accurate.  We teach officers how to gdocument all evidence of impairment including, but not limited to, field sobreity tests, ARIDE testing, and other NHTSA cues.  We teach officers how to establish a narrative that will ensure a successful prosecution. 

  • Explaining Vehicle in Motion Cues
  • Explaining Personal Contact Cues
  • Explaining common signs of impairment
  • Explaining SFST Clues
  • Explaining ARIDE Clues
  • "Setting the stage" for the Dashcam presentation

Although this course is geared toward DUI investigations, ourt tips can translate successfully to other law enforcement investigations. 

When you arrest is challenged, a judge or jury will determine whether the suspected DUI driver will be convicted.  The prosecutor will be responsible for asking you to tell your story through direct examination.  The defense attorney will question every aspect of your traffic stop and arrest.  You have to be prepared to respond to pointed questions. 

Our courses teach you how to tell your story to the judge and jury.   Specifically, we will teach you:
  • Articulating Vehicle in Motion Cues
  • Articulating Personal Contact Cues
  • Articulating SFST Clues
  • Articulating ARIDE Clues
  • "Setting the stage" for the Dashcam presentation
  • Countering the "tricky" cross-examination
Drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs exercise poor judgment in addition to poor motor skills..  Unfortunately, that means that DUI offenders often lead officers on pursuits.  With the assistance of our dispatch partners, we will teach your officers how to effectively communicate driver actions via radio to ensure that driving behaviors are documented for future prosecution. 

Our courses are available online, at our offices, or on-site.  We can come to your location to offer any of our courses.  In addition, we can help you develop a successful DUI enforcement protocol designed to efficiently increase your DUI arrests and successful prosecutions. 

Our on-site programs include a comprehensive review of vehicle in motion, traffic stops, personal contact, SFST and ARIDE techniques, arrests, search & seizure, interrogation, chemical testing, report writing, and courtroom testimony.