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There are many differences between an expert witness and a consulting expert.  I appreciate and respect the former law enforcement officers who provide expert testimony in hearings and trials.  There are several I recommend to testify on behalf of clients.  However, they do not have experience as either a prosecutor, defense attorney, or civil litigator. 

Our services go beyond the scope of a technical evaluation.  We are your partner, not merely a tool.   We offer assistance and advice based upon our experience in the streets making arrests and the in the courtroom making the case.  We know what it takes to effectively litigate cases in and out of the courtroom.  This experience can be invaluable. 

Dean Morgan, our lead trainer and consultant, has evaluated DUI cases from every possible angle.  We respect the law enforcement officers who serve as experts.  We believe they offer a valuable service.  However, their experience as a law enforcement officer and a testifying expert may not be what you need.

We are Consulting Experts.  We help attorneys better understand factual information - specifically SFST, ARIDE, and DRE.  We can also help you prepare for cross-examination or deposition of the opposing side’s experts or law enforcement officers.  Most importantly, we can help develop a trial or litigation strategy.  One benefit of our services is that we are generally protected from discovery concerns absent a showing of exceptional circumstances.

We offer a variety of services including case reviews, legal nurse consulting, and legal research. 

We pride ourselves on being partners to your case, not simply a tool to achieve a result.  We strongly believe that every DUI case can benefit from ther assistance of an expert.  We offer multiple service options to meet every need.   We also offer volume discounts to repeat clients, allowing you to have an on-call DUI expert. 

For a free case consultation, contact us.
We offer the service set forth above for our Civil Litigation Clients.  
In addition, we offer the following services for a standard hourly rate at $125 per hour. 

Civil Litigation Discovery Preparation:
  • Review of Pleadings
  • Discovery Plan Development
  • Develop Request for Admissions 
  • Interrogatory Preparation
  • Deposition Preparation
  • Deposition Attendance
Civil Litigation Discovery Response Review
  • Interrogatory Response Review and Analysis
  • Deposition Transcript Review and Analysis

Trial Preparation
  • Expert Review and Vetting
  • Opposinf Party Witness Review
  • Opposing Party Expert Review
  • Witness Preparation
  • Voir Dire Assistance
  • Trial Attendance

DUI can involve medical issues in both the suspected DUI Driver and in the unfortunate circumstance where a person is injured or killed.  Our Legal Nurse Consultant can summarize and review medical records as part of either a criminal or civil case.  Our usual fee for LNC services is $75.00 per hour as part of any other service or $150 if retained independently.  A complete CV is available upon request.   Submit your case.
$75 per hour (if part of additional service),
$125 per hour (if independent retained)

We offer volume discounts.  Contact Us for details.

Cost from MDT, PHL, BWI (Main Cabin Rate:  Delta or American)
Cost from Lancaster, PA.
Courtyard Marriot or similar.  
For any early morning hearing/trial/deposition 150 - 500 miles from Hershey, PA; 
For any AM hearing/trial/deposition more than 500 miles from Hershey, PA;
For any hearing/trial/deposition more than 1000 miles from Hershey, PA.