F. Dean Morgan, Esquire
Lead Trainer & Consultant
[email protected]

Dean Morgan joined the Hanford Police Department in Hanford, California at the age of 19.  His career in law enforcement ended in 1999 when, on the stand in a suppression hearing, he had an epiphany that it was time to pursue a career in the practice of law. He left law enforcement to pursue his law degree.

After completing his college education, he attended Penn State University's Dickinson School of Law.  While attending Penn State, he was a member of the Appellate Division of the Cumberland County Pennsylvania District Attorney's Office from 2004 - 2006.  In 2004, the Pennsylania DUI Law changed.  Dean authored a number of briefs for the government supporting the law against dozens of challenges. 

In 2006, Dean joined the Appellate Division of the Las Vegas Nevada District Attorney's Office.  There, he authored a number of briefs include 13 Death penalty appeals.  He also worked closedly with the Major Violators Unit and Special Victims Unit on a number of current cases.  

In 2007, Dean returned to Pennsylvania where he joined the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office.   In 2010, Dean started his own law firm. Over the next 9 years, the firm grew to a premier DUI Defense firm.  Dean has personally represented over 1000 people charged with DUI. 

Dean is a NHTSA SFST Instructor.  In addition, he has received advanced training in the areas of ARIDE and DRE Training.  He has litigated, and won, cases involving all NHTSA DUI testing protocols. In 2017, Dean opened DUI Trainers & Consultants, LLC.  He received approval for this first Continuing Legal Education Course, DUI Boot Camp.  In 2019, he expanded DUI Trainers and Consultants to offer four (4) Continuing Legal Education Courses and devotes more time to consulting activities. 

In 2020, Dean stopped actively practicing law.  Instead, he devotes his time exclusively to training attorneys and law enforcement officers.

Dean understands the unique challenges that attorneys face in prosecuting and defending DUI Cases.  He keeps abreast to changes in DUI law and procedure throughout the United States.  

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Legal Nurse Consultants & Medical Trainers

Our team of Legal Nurse Consultants each has over 25 years experience in a variety of nursing practice areas including, but not limited to, Emergency Room, Emergency Trauma, Toxicology, Trauma Surgery, Critical Care/Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Trauma, Geriatrics, Organ Transplantation, Nephrology, and Oncology.  This team of medical professionals continue to practice nursing professionally.   If you require a medical review to determine the validity of a defense to DUI or to determine the scope of an alleged victim's injuries in a vehicular homicide or serious bodily injury case, our team can help.

Ashlee Stewart
Legal Assistant / Case Manager

Ashlee is our administrative lead.  She secures all necessary documents, communicated directly with our clients, and provides administrative assistance as needed.

Legal Research Team

We go beyond the typical law enforcement expert services.  Our team includes a legal research team led by an expereinced attorney with over 25 years of experience.  His team of new attorneys and interns provide legal research services to ensure that we provide a factually and legally appropriate response to every inquiry.  These services do not increase the costs of our flat fee services. If you have retained us at an hourly rate, our legal research services are billed at a paralegal rate.