We teach prosecutors to go beyond the blood/breath results.  As we learned in 2016, reliance on blood results can lead to difficulties.  We teach prosecutors how to prosecute cases based upon impairment clues and cues.  Our Prosecutor courses be at our training center in Pennsylvania or on-site.  For more information, click here!

​Our courses are designed to help officers go beyond the standard field sobriety tests to establsih their case.  Our programs are available at our training center in Pennsylvania or can be taught on-site. 

We offer a variety of options to help you achieve your goals.  As an unbiased consulting expert we fully and fairly evaluate your case to determine whether your goals can be met and, how you can achieve those results.  We offer our services to Criminal Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors, and Civil Litigators.  In addition, our Legal Nurse Consultant is available for accident and drug cases.

We offer our courses to prosecutors, defense attorneys, and civil litigators.  We teach SFST, ARIDE, and DRE Training either on-site or at our training center in Pennsylvania.  For a complete course list, click here. 
About Us
DUI Trainers & Consultants  
DUI Education and Advice
From the Street to the Courtroom

Dean Morgan is a former police officer, prosecutor, and defense attorney.  He is a NHTSA SFST Instructor and has received advanced training in the areas of ARIDE and DRE.  He has arrested, prosecuted, or defended thousands of DUI cases.  In addition, he has objectively analyzed hundreds more.

Law Enforcement:  We teach police officers how to build their case from the moment of first observation including special circumstances such as pursuits and fatalities.

Prosecutors:  We teach prosecutors how to bring reports and videos to life at trial.  However, we also teach prosecutors how to effectively recognize the strnegths and weaknesses of how to bring those facts to life before the judge and the jury.  We also teach prosecutors how to recognize weaknesses in their cases to develop negotiating techniques to effectively resolve cases without trial.
Defense Attorneys:  We teach defense attorneys how to identify weaknesses and strengths of the government's case.  

Civil Litigators:   We teach civil litigators how to read police reports, review video evidence, and translate those facts to their pleadings and discovery materials. 

Consulting Expert Services:   In addition, we offer consulting services to prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil litigators, and law enforcement agencies.